JACKSON, MICHIGAN –OCTOBER 3, 2016 – Man on the Fence, the debut novel by local author John R. Day, Jr., is now available for presale before the official November 15, 2016 launch date.

The novel takes place in a farming community in southern Michigan. Set in the 1960's through the present, the nostalgic tale of boyhood friends is inspired by some true events in the author's life.

“I based the story of the main character, Tate Daniels, on what could have been my journey had I chosen different paths at any crossroad in my life,” Day said.  “Just as many people contemplate what might have been, I took that concept and created a fictional alter ego that is navigating the world we live in.”

"I'm also very proud to say that this book was Michigan-made," said Day. All editing, printing, and design processes were intentionally contracted to Michigan businesses.

"I know what it's like to grow up and live in Michigan--that's what this story is about. It was important to me to ensure I was working with businesses in my home state," Day said.

A farmer and animal lover, Day also felt it was important to give back to his  community. On his behalf, Cowhead Publishing Company will be donating up to $1,000 of all presales to a local organization that provides care for animals.

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John R. Day, Jr.'s debut novel set for presale on October 6th